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Delaware River

The Delaware River is the longest free-flowing river in the eastern United States. This work comes from accessing the river directly and regularly as my primary point of reference. In addition to traditional studio-based paint and digital art media, I make use of found local landscape materials.

Profile of the Delaware River

Of the River I

Of the River II

Of the River III

In the River I

In the River II

In the River III

Profile of the Delaware River submerged in the River

Profile of the South Downs, England

My work here often uses landscape materials as art media. The intention is to convey the quiet beauty of the soft rolling structure and forms of downland landscapes that I walk in southern England.

Profile of the Downs I

Profile of the Downs II

Profile of the Downs III

Maquette: Tree bark, beech and ivy branches, and ammonite

Maquette: Tree bark, beech and ivy branches, and ammonite

Monotype in downs mud with charcoal frottage

Drawings in downs mud and chalk on 6 limestone floor samples


This eco relief mural portrays some of the multiple uses made of Princeton’s open woodland areas and recreational paths.  The installation is made entirely of found natural materials from the woods nearby.  Bark and wood, with lichen and moss encrusting them give form and texture to five active figures. It will be on view until it starts to decay naturally and then will be removed.

Full installation

Leaf Decay

Leaf photographs shown printed on canvas are a small sub-set of a larger collection of photographs of the natural process of leaf decay in some 20 local tree species over 11 weeks from October 2015 to January 2016. The leaves were kept outside so that the decay process would be natural. In the end they all blew away.



December 11

December 15

January 7

January 14

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